Overview, Goals, and our Teleology

Ire Publications LLC

January 8th, 2019


Ire began as an entity to publish physical copies of intellectually stimulating works from various walks of life, ideology, or status, so long as it is embedded in Logos then it is ripe for the picking.


  • Diverse Content: Instead of an ideologically specific publication, from Marxist to Capitalist, Formalist, Futarchist, etc., what we’ve wanted to do is create an egregore of all of this, from the acute mind. This means we are not limited to publishing any works from any one specific mind, rather, a hive-mind. It is an encapsulation of the collective consciousness of the fringe ideologues that have been percolating on message boards, their own individual blogs, or more likely, Twitter. Ire Publications LLC wants to unite everyone under one umbrella, and create an alternative-fringe media machine. One that challenges the mediocre, bubble-wrapped bullshit presented by anyone on the mainstream. We’re going to change the status quo.
  • Cost-Effective Publishing: With the competitive nature of Amazon and the likes of which that have killed the uniqueness of publishing houses, Ire Publications LLC aims to fight back. We urge you to contact us before going to publish your next project through one of the large Big Tech firms, as a mutual means of support. Our number one goal is to relieve the burden of financial crises for authors that choose to work with us through offering our funds so you can save yours, while putting out the works you’ve been brought Here to produce.

Our “Mood”

-Experimental    -Provocative
-Educated          -Ironic
-Optimistic         -Satirical
-Literary              -Meta

Thank you,

Warren Nokoshima
Contact: warren@irepublications.org